Hi all! And thank you for taking the time to either read my blog, or just this section!

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, never publicly. Poetry mainly, some short stories, but this is my first blog. Eek!

My blog posts will mainly be an insight in to however I’ve been feeling in the days leading up to the write up. The thoughts which have filled my mind, and sometimes my past experiences.

So, me. I’m on the other side of 30, single mum of 3 children and 5 cats.

In July 2018 I founded Never Alone: Domestic Abuse Support Gibraltar. As a domestic abuse survivor, my passion for wanting to help others in difficult situations drove me to set up the only DA support group where I live. No woman, man or child should ever be subjected to any sort of abuse.

I am an accredited Empowerment & Personal Development Coach and Domestic Abuse Support Professional

I live with depression. I’m not ashamed of this and work hard daily to be stronger, healthier and kinder to myself. This blog will be part of my journey to self love and acceptance.

Again, thank you for joining me on this wild trip!

R x