I have started 2 different blog posts today. And deleted 2 different blog posts, today.

I genuinely feel that I don’t have enough to write about. Actually, I have a lot I want to write about but I’m unable to put finger to keyboard and express myself properly.

Does that happen often to other bloggers? 

It makes me feel slightly like a fraud. How could I call myself a blogger if I don’t keep writing interesting stuff for others to read?

Ha, there’s me assuming that what I usually write is interesting! 

It could be that the pain I’ve been in for 2 days is clouding my thoughts. It could be that having the minions home this weekend has deleted every sane or rational interesting thought I may have had on Friday.

Actually, it could well be that. I think. I hope. Because that would mean that I should be able to replenish while they are at school. Fingers crossed, right?!

I have a to do list as long as my arm for this week. The first thing on the agenda is writing out a 15 minute talk for this coming Saturday (5 days away!) where I will be at GibTalks speaking about being Pro-Choice. Yes, you read correctly, I haven’t written it yet.

Let it be known that I am petrified of public speaking. Terrified. Even in small crowds.

I was speaking to the organiser the other day where he casually asked me what microphone I preferred to use. Microphone?! What?

I hadn’t even contemplated that I would need to use one! I can’t stand my voice at the best of times, having to listen to myself on surround sound is going to shit me up.

But as much as I am nervous, I am also excited. It’s definitely a weird combination of emotions!

Luckily I will have the support of a strong, amazing woman standing there with me, also speaking, someone I’m glad I met and got to know in the last 10 months.

And that does comfort me. 

So, if you’re about, and would like to watch the blubbering mess that will be me on Saturday 2nd February, pop on down to the John Mac Hall for about 3pm and listen to me speak.

In fact, grab a ticket and head down to listen to all of the speakers, I’m sure there will be something there you’ll be interested in hearing about!

Stay well, stay healthy and be kind to yourself..

R x


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